Monday, September 6, 2010

Arena FTW:)

So me and Shynéz did 2v2 today again, we remade team since we ended up with a score of 17-0 earlier (lost few in start since we hadn't got used to the combo) And we ended up with a flawless score
Joined some LK 10 HC run aswell, but I was like sleeping of boredom so i slacked DPS and had to leave, which I actually wished already from the beginning, just came to help Chelsi out mainly.
So now it's Monday and im hopefully gonna do 3v3 at my paladin. (Warr-lock-pala) and we'll hopefully hit 2k, so we'll finally get over with it, ain't finding it that fun since our win % aint that high, but it'll be great when we'll finally hit 2k and Chelsi gets his shoulders, then we're gonna try aim 2.2k abit for his achievement, since he's a Achievement whore! ;>

And we was gonna do 3v3 mainly yesterday (With my hunter, as hunter-retribution paladin-resto shaman) but Nathrax of all sudden decided to migrate, which did really piss me off that he couldnt even wait one hour with migrating and help Shynéz to get 2K personal rating for his shoulders aswell, I mean... Who can't wait migrating just one hour -.- to aid someone who did help you hit 2.2K for the tier 2 weapon...That's just selfish and stupid, so I ragekicked him from guild, and didn't wanted to hear anything from him again. After that nothing more happend that sunday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arena arena arena!

So today I started the day all bored, did some BGs with my hunter. Then Shynéz logged online and we decided to start a 2s team. (Retri - MM hunter) It started shitty, but then we got the drill of it and it began to go better, ended up with the score 19-8. Our MMR was low in start tho, since i've like never played 2v2 at my hunter, so we climbed up from 1800 to around 2150 MMR, since we beaten the rank 7 team in our BG which is a druid - DK, we decided to give it a shot to faceroll the druid right in the start , so he HOJ'd the druid, and he died within 6seconds : ) then when we saw their MMR we sat and laughed for about 1min, was so funny, we did like a winstreak of 13, then Shynéz began to lagg, and we lost against a guildie, then we quited it for today.

Abit later on I did some 2v2 with Chelsi, and we met that druid DK again, and we managed to beat em twice, and they didnt even beat us once. So I ended up that evening 3-0 against that team, we farmed em down 150 MMR or something. But we got farmed two times aswell from this destro warlock druid team at 2.6k, we would've beaten em if he was affliction but destro... they can't die against casters, so annoying. So it was like we could just stand at spawnpoint and do /dance, since we don't stand a chance anyway. Our score this week is 20-3, so it's alright anyway.

Later on the night around 23:00 Ðreaden logged on, and we did some 3v3, helping Chelsi to 2k, stopped at 1538 rating, probably gonna go 2k at Monday, so in one and a half week, Chelsi gets wful shoulders, then he's 4/5 wful, and will look awesome^^

Sunday tomorrow then, which means Nathrax comes home again, and we'll run some 3v3 and hit 2k personal rating for Shynéz so he'll get wful shoulders aswell, and then he'll look awesome aswell!
Then I just want 2.3k, since i'm gonna get Zods HC whenever it drops from ICC25! and then it's just DBW togo.

I've tamed a new pet aswell! His name is Dan and he's a spider, he's Gladiator aswell! :D

Quite cool fire mage PvP Movie:
Hirnfrost V : Firestarter

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dragonslaying & more!

Today it's friday, which means ICC25, we managed to down deathwhisper HC, but sadly my bow Zod's Repeating Longbow didn't dropped, but meh, im alone hunter, so i'll get it whenever it drops, happy for that : )
I started the evening with joining a ICC10 group with a friend of mine called Nervé, but I dropped 'cause of drama heroes, annoys me totally, and after I dropped the group disbanded, Didn't made Nervé that happy^^, but meh, I didn't felt about continuing with that group, we didnt even kill one boss so didn't got saved! So tightly after that I logged on my paladin and did some 2v2 with Chelsi again, managed to win 100% this time :) But just played like 6 games, and we met this insane warlock called Velv, 20minute game versus him. (He's playing in that 2600 LSD I told about few days ago) He played warlock shaman, which isn't that easy to beat as pala lock since they've got purge, so i can just forget sacred shield & beacon of light, so gotta really focus at healing, but didn't got into much trouble, chelsi went low once, and they made me bubble once.
After these few arena games we stopped at around 2296 rating or something, will probably run 2400 this week, and in this shitty battlegroup that means top10 almost, haha.
Then it was time for ICC25, so I joined the group, Chelsi was about to join today too, but his computer lagged out so he couldnt join us sadly! Maybe next time, looking forward for that tho since he's a great player!

Got few items for once in ICC, got a staff called Distant Land (HEROIC), and an polearm from lich king called Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General, so I got a new PvP weapon now. (the staff) And I'll use the polearm for PvE since it've got rather nice ARP!
Also bought this tank trinket with absorb thing & 228 stamina from emblems after the ICC25 run. Corroded Skeleton Key is its name,  quite nice sometimes in arena when you're getting focused and lots of wizard cleaves are playing.

After all this me, Shynéz & Nathrax played some 3s, and as usual like no teams was playing, was few teams playing in beginning, but they stopped queueing as we kept doing it. there was this TSG at 2.4k mmr, which we kept meeting in Dalaran arena, which is the only arena hunter totally stinks in, so we didn't stood a chance, well we met them once in Nagrand arena, and ofcourse we won then. Wish we met them there more tho, would be nice rating for us, and then Nathrax had to leave after a few games for bed. Me and Shynéz are at 1904 personal rating, and Shynéz needs 2K badly for the shoulders, he has been there before ofcourse but he played protection, so he tought he wouldnt need em, and didnt bought 'em. Oh well, I think Nathrax had to do something tomorrow, so he wont probably be on, so lets hope Ðreaden gets online for some 3v3 at my paladin, to help Chelsi hit 2k in 3s! We'll probably do more 2s tomorrow aswell, gonna try go as high as possible, will be fun and interesting. :)

And I'm gonna start 5v5 at my hunter aswell with few guildies, Wounded, Ninth, Nathrax and Chelsi, we'll see how that combo will work!

Saw this fun drake thing aswell! I bet you buy it from these card thingies :O

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Succeesfull evening! :)

Oh well, the evening ended succeesfull anyway, played some 2v2 with my paladin with Chelsi, ended up with about 93% win :) farmed a mirror a few times, always feels great to beat mirrors. Yeah, I hate losing to mirrors, so that wont happend! ^^ Tomorrow is it Friday, which means dragonslaying! We'll probably go 9/12 heroic in ICC25, pugged 8/12 HC last week, but we'll probably do something more : ) Will be interesting, let's hope I will get DBW this time, lost roll at it around 7 times already, yes I totally sucks at rolling, its sad.
Will probably Race change my Paladin to Human female.
We'll see how it'll be! : )

Login failed

Hi, so first of all today the login screen failed, said like unavailable to connect to server or something, so wasn't able to log on before 19:00, so around 19.30 all team was online (3v3) and we played few games, yes Nathrax has fixed his internet, so he wont get replaced ;)
Sadly the battlegroup is so shit aswell, so the queues was about 5minutes, and we got 1 point per win or so, yet we're only 2200 MMR, and about 20- per loss! which was really enjoyable :D!.. We managed to fail versus two lowrated teams, ended up with score 3-7 and went like 30- total in rating. We met some LSD at 2600 aswell, skillcomp, indeed! one fear without tremor up and I was dead! But luckily we didnt lost alot of rating versus them, so I can accept it, but the first game we lost was versus a WMP, who was at around 1900, which my Readiness bugged in (An ability that resets all hunters cooldowns). But it didn't, so I had only one Deterrence which I wasnt ready for, so I died, and we went -19! we stopped playing after 10games 'cause the queues was shit as usual at Vindication!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily blogging

Hi! Today I planned about doing some 3s at my hunter, but it didn't happend due to Shynéz was killing drakes in the icecrown citadel. So I've not done much today at all, been doing few battlegrounds and watched few movies at WCM, I recommend Healíngproofs newest movie "Healíngproof Fire PvP 2", will put a link in the end.
Today I had issues with the auction house, had a unique bugg who I was one of the first players in EU who got! Feeling so proud of that, haha! ^^ But meh, it was about this "Haunted Memento" had a error who said something when i pressed "Cancel auction" was really strange, he replied me at around 15:00, and he wasn't able to fix it! he told me that he was gonna reply me again in 2-3 hours, so he did. And he logged on my hunter and kept trying to fix it for about an hour, and he finally managed to fix it! He tought it was some problem in the UI in start, but it wasn't since he wasn't able to put it at AH either from his PC. Anyway, 3 days ago I started to farm gold, started at 3g and 2 days later I ended up at 10k gold, i got no clue about what I did, haha! Anyhow, might play some 3v3 tomorrow, seems like we're changing healer yet again due to internet issues for Nathrax.

Uploading a SS of me and Bob!

Here's the promised link aswell to Healíngproofs newest movie "Healíngproof Fire PvP 2"

Enjoy it : )

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

About my life in World of warcraft


I made my hunter in early vanilla, and I was a really slow leveler, didn't quested a tiny bit, so when i hitted 60, i was friendly with every faction. When I hitted 60 I began to farm scholomance instantly for this damn bow named Ancient Bone Bow, But it never dropped. I kept farming it day after day AFTER day, but it wouldn't drop!! So later on I joined a raiding guild which had cleared almost every raid. But then when it finally dropped, and I got it ofcourse, the next day after i've finally got it, I went Molten core with this guild I joined we killed Magmadar, and ofcourse this bow named Striker's mark dropped, and I got it, so I've farmed Ancient Bone Bow for no need, felt really happy that day, and lol'd abit at meself, but meh, an upgrade is an upgrade! So I just continued playing, got few t1 pieces that run blabla, nothing interesting! Ended up in vanilla with 5/9 t3 and full t2.

The Burning Crusade released!

TBC released and I was very excited about it, Went online and went to outlands, was like "wow such a cool place!" Until I was gonna take the flypath over to Honor hold, and saw how much it lagged, and I was like FFFUUU, and DC'd and didnt felt about logging on back for a while. Stood offline for like 3-4 days, and when I went back online, my cousin asked about rerolling horde on a new realm (Auchindoun EU) So I was like sure, why not. And I made a mage which I called Busan, was my first horde character EVER, except a few that i didn't even hit 10 with.

And my cousin made a warrior which he called Nexoz (Currently named Citruslol).

Me and my cousin leveled in different speeds, he hitted 70 way before I did.. I didn't even hit 70 with my mage early in TBC, when i was about 53 or something I made my paladin, which i called Dudishes. (Currently my main and called Ðinosaur) And I did really enjoy playing at it, so I played at it alot, and suddenly I hitted 70! And my cousin was like almost full season one geared already... So I did really look up to him, haha! Oh well, when I hitted 70 I began to play battlegrounds, yet again, as much as I could, I loved PvP, in season 1-3, I hadn't choosen what spec I'd like to be yet, so I played alot of different specs. (Holy & Retribution) But I met this guy called Cruelzor, which was a really good warlock, and he tought I played really well as holy for being so low geared, I had about full blue gear and we was really close to 1800, and I felt proud of meself ofcourse, I tought 1800 was really high ^_^! But for some reason, I didn't bought holy gear from arena points, I ended up season 3 with full vengeful in retribution gear, and in season 4 I played Retribution all the time, since Cruelzor began to play at another realm called Twisted Nether, and I felt sad 'cause of that ofcourse, since I really enjoyed playing with that guy. He also had a friend called Khamoz, which I also enjoyed playing with, never did arena with him tho, but he was a really skilled shadow priest, he had a good geared rogue aswell, which he's really good at, called Kamoz, I've got no clue about any of these guys anymore, I don't even know if they play WoW anymore, old good times, missing 'em! Oh well, season 4, played retribution with full vengeful ,and then the wotlk talents came out, imagine how much fun it was for a well geared ret pala! : ) Loved ganking at the isle of quel'danas etc, was so fun, ended season 4 with full brutal.

In the end of TBC, I leveled a rogue to 70 asap right before WotLK called Heh (Currently named Wuutyo), together with my cousin who's called Entangled, and we continued levling these toons in WotLK abit, but I got sickly bored of rogue at level 74, and began to level my paladin again, which I hitted 80 with quite fast, It's one moment I specially remember, was in Scholazar Basin ganking with a guy called Spandaur, everyone who played at this realm in TBC knows who he is really well, he's one of the best paladins I've ever seen, Was he who teached me this trick when you do Hammer of Justice (HoJ)against other paladins, if you do Arcane torrent (Blood elf silence ability) at same time as you do HoJ, they can't do freedom to get outta it, so you get like 2-3 free seconds of nuking, which you were able to do about 50% damage at that time with seal of blood (SoB) at your target, which is really neat. : ) We ganked in the camp at the quest givers, both of us full brutal geared, so we were quite unbeatable, was really fun i'ma tell ya!

Then I hitted 80, finally, and my cousin leveled a DK to 80 really fast aswell, both of us full blue geared, he had the PvP gear that blacksmithers creates & Titansteel destroyer, and I had HC gear mostly, and we went into the 2v2 arena, we didnt got that high tho, but it was quite nice for our gear, we managed to hit 1750 or so, and we tought it was shit, so we disbanded team and he leveled his warrior, I didn't played much arena in early wotlk, started in... s6 I think, with full deadly gear and gemmed stamina... Mmmh, protholy, was lovely! Melees got no chance against you and your heals are insane. Was a really good spec for 2v2. So I played with lots of different players during that season, played hunter / paladin with a hunter called Fockerized back then, forgotten what he's named now, and played with lots of different guys, I played mostly for fun, in season 7 I went back to retribution again, and played 3v3 for my first time! ret/warr/disc, was quite fun, we hitted 2k quite fast and I got my shoulders so ended up in that season with full relentless. In the end of that season I migrated away to another realm called Dragonmaw, and met some cool guys, their names are Dreaden (Currently Ðreaden), Stigmatized, Rianou, and i'm still playing with them. (Rianoou has taken a break till cataclysm release). They're all greeks, after i had played with em for a couple of months, they decided they wanted to migrate away to another better battlegroup, so we went to cyclone, to a realm called Ravencrest, I didn't played much there at all, Much arena that is, Was mostly Dreaden, Stigmatized and their buddy called Skataras who played their "TSG with a twist!". They went up to 2100 or something, and season ended. Then we decided to migrate away again with the free migration, and we went back to my old realm Auchindoun. Oh yes, when I went to Dragonmaw, I faction changed aswell, so i'm alliance now... Anyway, back on auchindoun... We didnt played much arena at all there either, I just greeted all my old buddies there, and we made their old guild again called "GG Noob" which has been their guildname since Dragonmaw, after a while, drama appeared between us all, and a few of us decided to faction change to horde, so we did, Me, dreaden and stigmatized went horde, and ofcourse the rest followed us abit later on, 'cause who likes playing this game alone. : ) So there we was all of us at horde at auchindoun, I didn't played much arena until drama appeared in guild again, Dreaden, stigmatized & Skataras raged at eachother and stuff, and they decided they didnt wanted to play with skataras in 3v3 anymore, so they invited me to their team and we went playing the allmighty TSG : ), played fastly up to 2.2k , I had about full furious in my holy gear, which was quite low for being season 8, but was no problems really, Both dreaden and stigmatized had Relentless tier one weapon, but both picked the wrathful t2 sword, at the following wednesday, By meself I think the sword looks the worst, but greeks... what to except. ;) Anyway, so we continued playing TSG for a while, then we decided to go back to alliance after a long while, and there we began to do 3v3 seriously, and we almost hitted 2.4 as melee cleave in this battlegroup, which is pain with all these wizard cleaves, we had about 75% winrate, and we all got our tabards. When we went alliance, tightly after I hitted 80 with my hunter, which was blood elf right at that moment, I went to auchindoun horde with it while we were still at ravencrest, and leveled it up abit and skilled its engineering, stopped at it at level 72, but then i took it to alliance and did 72-80 at 2 days : )

Was really enjoyable honestly, now 3 months later after it'd hitted 80, its full wrathful geared, i've been playing in many different teams, but currently playing with a really cool guy called Shynéz (Retribution paladin)and another one called Nathrax (Resto shaman), Ain't playing 3v3 at my paladin right now, but playing some 2v2 with a really nice guy called Chelsi(Warlock), I love playing with him, he makes me happy for some unknown reason, but it's fun, gonna help him to 2k in 3v3 with my paladin this week, went 2.2k in 2v2 already.

Cant be arsed to write more right now.