Thursday, September 2, 2010

Succeesfull evening! :)

Oh well, the evening ended succeesfull anyway, played some 2v2 with my paladin with Chelsi, ended up with about 93% win :) farmed a mirror a few times, always feels great to beat mirrors. Yeah, I hate losing to mirrors, so that wont happend! ^^ Tomorrow is it Friday, which means dragonslaying! We'll probably go 9/12 heroic in ICC25, pugged 8/12 HC last week, but we'll probably do something more : ) Will be interesting, let's hope I will get DBW this time, lost roll at it around 7 times already, yes I totally sucks at rolling, its sad.
Will probably Race change my Paladin to Human female.
We'll see how it'll be! : )


  1. *clap clap*
    hurra ! i'm so bad at Pvp :'(

  2. It's simple if you've got the drill of it and found nice teammates : )