Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arena arena arena!

So today I started the day all bored, did some BGs with my hunter. Then Shynéz logged online and we decided to start a 2s team. (Retri - MM hunter) It started shitty, but then we got the drill of it and it began to go better, ended up with the score 19-8. Our MMR was low in start tho, since i've like never played 2v2 at my hunter, so we climbed up from 1800 to around 2150 MMR, since we beaten the rank 7 team in our BG which is a druid - DK, we decided to give it a shot to faceroll the druid right in the start , so he HOJ'd the druid, and he died within 6seconds : ) then when we saw their MMR we sat and laughed for about 1min, was so funny, we did like a winstreak of 13, then Shynéz began to lagg, and we lost against a guildie, then we quited it for today.

Abit later on I did some 2v2 with Chelsi, and we met that druid DK again, and we managed to beat em twice, and they didnt even beat us once. So I ended up that evening 3-0 against that team, we farmed em down 150 MMR or something. But we got farmed two times aswell from this destro warlock druid team at 2.6k, we would've beaten em if he was affliction but destro... they can't die against casters, so annoying. So it was like we could just stand at spawnpoint and do /dance, since we don't stand a chance anyway. Our score this week is 20-3, so it's alright anyway.

Later on the night around 23:00 Ðreaden logged on, and we did some 3v3, helping Chelsi to 2k, stopped at 1538 rating, probably gonna go 2k at Monday, so in one and a half week, Chelsi gets wful shoulders, then he's 4/5 wful, and will look awesome^^

Sunday tomorrow then, which means Nathrax comes home again, and we'll run some 3v3 and hit 2k personal rating for Shynéz so he'll get wful shoulders aswell, and then he'll look awesome aswell!
Then I just want 2.3k, since i'm gonna get Zods HC whenever it drops from ICC25! and then it's just DBW togo.

I've tamed a new pet aswell! His name is Dan and he's a spider, he's Gladiator aswell! :D

Quite cool fire mage PvP Movie:
Hirnfrost V : Firestarter


  1. when does cataclysm come out?

    Showing my support for a fellow blogger!

  2. Cataclysm should come out before 2011 I think

  3. Yeah, it'll come within a few months i suppose