Thursday, September 2, 2010

Login failed

Hi, so first of all today the login screen failed, said like unavailable to connect to server or something, so wasn't able to log on before 19:00, so around 19.30 all team was online (3v3) and we played few games, yes Nathrax has fixed his internet, so he wont get replaced ;)
Sadly the battlegroup is so shit aswell, so the queues was about 5minutes, and we got 1 point per win or so, yet we're only 2200 MMR, and about 20- per loss! which was really enjoyable :D!.. We managed to fail versus two lowrated teams, ended up with score 3-7 and went like 30- total in rating. We met some LSD at 2600 aswell, skillcomp, indeed! one fear without tremor up and I was dead! But luckily we didnt lost alot of rating versus them, so I can accept it, but the first game we lost was versus a WMP, who was at around 1900, which my Readiness bugged in (An ability that resets all hunters cooldowns). But it didn't, so I had only one Deterrence which I wasnt ready for, so I died, and we went -19! we stopped playing after 10games 'cause the queues was shit as usual at Vindication!

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