Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily blogging

Hi! Today I planned about doing some 3s at my hunter, but it didn't happend due to Shynéz was killing drakes in the icecrown citadel. So I've not done much today at all, been doing few battlegrounds and watched few movies at WCM, I recommend Healíngproofs newest movie "Healíngproof Fire PvP 2", will put a link in the end.
Today I had issues with the auction house, had a unique bugg who I was one of the first players in EU who got! Feeling so proud of that, haha! ^^ But meh, it was about this "Haunted Memento" had a error who said something when i pressed "Cancel auction" was really strange, he replied me at around 15:00, and he wasn't able to fix it! he told me that he was gonna reply me again in 2-3 hours, so he did. And he logged on my hunter and kept trying to fix it for about an hour, and he finally managed to fix it! He tought it was some problem in the UI in start, but it wasn't since he wasn't able to put it at AH either from his PC. Anyway, 3 days ago I started to farm gold, started at 3g and 2 days later I ended up at 10k gold, i got no clue about what I did, haha! Anyhow, might play some 3v3 tomorrow, seems like we're changing healer yet again due to internet issues for Nathrax.

Uploading a SS of me and Bob!

Here's the promised link aswell to Healíngproofs newest movie "Healíngproof Fire PvP 2"

Enjoy it : )


  1. trolollololololol // Coolninjasweeeeee

  2. Pvp is the only thing that makes sense untill Cataclysm comes. When it hits, all your current gear becomes useless fast. Your pvp skills however does not ^^

  3. most makes me want to play WoW again...
    Following you to show respect and support.