Friday, September 3, 2010

Dragonslaying & more!

Today it's friday, which means ICC25, we managed to down deathwhisper HC, but sadly my bow Zod's Repeating Longbow didn't dropped, but meh, im alone hunter, so i'll get it whenever it drops, happy for that : )
I started the evening with joining a ICC10 group with a friend of mine called Nervé, but I dropped 'cause of drama heroes, annoys me totally, and after I dropped the group disbanded, Didn't made Nervé that happy^^, but meh, I didn't felt about continuing with that group, we didnt even kill one boss so didn't got saved! So tightly after that I logged on my paladin and did some 2v2 with Chelsi again, managed to win 100% this time :) But just played like 6 games, and we met this insane warlock called Velv, 20minute game versus him. (He's playing in that 2600 LSD I told about few days ago) He played warlock shaman, which isn't that easy to beat as pala lock since they've got purge, so i can just forget sacred shield & beacon of light, so gotta really focus at healing, but didn't got into much trouble, chelsi went low once, and they made me bubble once.
After these few arena games we stopped at around 2296 rating or something, will probably run 2400 this week, and in this shitty battlegroup that means top10 almost, haha.
Then it was time for ICC25, so I joined the group, Chelsi was about to join today too, but his computer lagged out so he couldnt join us sadly! Maybe next time, looking forward for that tho since he's a great player!

Got few items for once in ICC, got a staff called Distant Land (HEROIC), and an polearm from lich king called Oathbinder, Charge of the Ranger-General, so I got a new PvP weapon now. (the staff) And I'll use the polearm for PvE since it've got rather nice ARP!
Also bought this tank trinket with absorb thing & 228 stamina from emblems after the ICC25 run. Corroded Skeleton Key is its name,  quite nice sometimes in arena when you're getting focused and lots of wizard cleaves are playing.

After all this me, Shynéz & Nathrax played some 3s, and as usual like no teams was playing, was few teams playing in beginning, but they stopped queueing as we kept doing it. there was this TSG at 2.4k mmr, which we kept meeting in Dalaran arena, which is the only arena hunter totally stinks in, so we didn't stood a chance, well we met them once in Nagrand arena, and ofcourse we won then. Wish we met them there more tho, would be nice rating for us, and then Nathrax had to leave after a few games for bed. Me and Shynéz are at 1904 personal rating, and Shynéz needs 2K badly for the shoulders, he has been there before ofcourse but he played protection, so he tought he wouldnt need em, and didnt bought 'em. Oh well, I think Nathrax had to do something tomorrow, so he wont probably be on, so lets hope Ðreaden gets online for some 3v3 at my paladin, to help Chelsi hit 2k in 3s! We'll probably do more 2s tomorrow aswell, gonna try go as high as possible, will be fun and interesting. :)

And I'm gonna start 5v5 at my hunter aswell with few guildies, Wounded, Ninth, Nathrax and Chelsi, we'll see how that combo will work!

Saw this fun drake thing aswell! I bet you buy it from these card thingies :O

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