Monday, September 6, 2010

Arena FTW:)

So me and Shynéz did 2v2 today again, we remade team since we ended up with a score of 17-0 earlier (lost few in start since we hadn't got used to the combo) And we ended up with a flawless score
Joined some LK 10 HC run aswell, but I was like sleeping of boredom so i slacked DPS and had to leave, which I actually wished already from the beginning, just came to help Chelsi out mainly.
So now it's Monday and im hopefully gonna do 3v3 at my paladin. (Warr-lock-pala) and we'll hopefully hit 2k, so we'll finally get over with it, ain't finding it that fun since our win % aint that high, but it'll be great when we'll finally hit 2k and Chelsi gets his shoulders, then we're gonna try aim 2.2k abit for his achievement, since he's a Achievement whore! ;>

And we was gonna do 3v3 mainly yesterday (With my hunter, as hunter-retribution paladin-resto shaman) but Nathrax of all sudden decided to migrate, which did really piss me off that he couldnt even wait one hour with migrating and help Shynéz to get 2K personal rating for his shoulders aswell, I mean... Who can't wait migrating just one hour -.- to aid someone who did help you hit 2.2K for the tier 2 weapon...That's just selfish and stupid, so I ragekicked him from guild, and didn't wanted to hear anything from him again. After that nothing more happend that sunday.


  1. Nice mate.
    I'm not so much into PvP when paying WoW, but u seem to have good skills

    Keep the blog up!

  2. Yay for MMORPGS. Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)

  3. Supported!